Don was an inventor with a problem, a simple sounding problem, but a challenge just the same. It involved his cane, which didn’t cause him any grief during normal everyday activities. The problem arose when it came to finding a good place to park his cane at meetings, restaurants and the office.

After picking up his cane from the floor many, many times and seeing others struggle while trying to place their cane on tables at restaurants Don knew there had to be a better way. Especially after watching people leaving their canes lying on the floor where they had fallen, creating a hazard and a liability for the restaurants. So, Don decided to develop a better way to hold a cane.

With a background of nearly 30 years of plastic injection molding and development of consumer products, Don was aware of what it takes to bring a product to market. After several drawings and 14 individual prototypes, which were shown to cane users and restaurant owners to very positive reviews, the Cane Butler was born. Molds and equipment were purchased and production began.

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