We Produce Two Distinctly Different Kinds of Videos.

  1. Customizable videos that involve the addition of company contact information to our professionally produced pre-recorded videos.

  2. Original videos that include new video production, either with or without a spokesperson. In this category we also produce stand alone video clips that can be used as video intro clips or video outro clips.  These clips can be added to existing videos by the clients.

The two pricing tables below describe the typical contents and costs for each kind of video.

Customizable Video Production

Customizable videos are professionally produced pre-recorded videos that we personalize by adding your organization’s contact information and/or logo to the video. This information is typically added to the end of the videos in the form of text and/or your logo image.

We now offer pre-recorded videos in over 90 business categories with the styles of videos including 2D Animation Videos, Kinetic Text Videos, Multi-Style Videos, Spokesperson Videos and Whiteboard Videos

Customizable videos are priced on a per video basis. Discounts are available when several videos are purchased at the same time.

Note: Some customers want to add visual impact to their videos by adding an animated intro at the beginning or an animated logo reveal at the end of the video. That service is available as a separate purchase and is shown in the Original Video Production table below..

  • Customizable Videos

  • Customized Pre Recorded Video
  • Video Length 15 to 60 Seconds
  • Contact Information & Logo
  • Animated Logo Sting/Reveal
  • Customized YouTube Channel

Original Video Production

Original videos are videos we produce anew, beginning with the script. Visual elements and video effects are then added to coordinate with the script content.  The styles of videos we produce include 2D Animation Videos, Image Slideshow Videos, Kinetic Text Videos, Multi-Style Videos, Spokesperson Videos and Whiteboard Videos

Each project is unique with differing needs for script development, graphic elements, video elements and other components that directly affect the time required to complete the project.  We base our fees on 30 second increments with a minimum charge for 30 seconds.  We will provide a firm estimate of the final cost following a review of your needs, the desired length of the finished video and other relevant production variables.

Content such as logos and client-specific images is typically provided by the clients. In addition to client provided graphics or film clips we can draw upon a huge library of tens of thousands of photos, doodle images for whiteboard videos, flat graphic elements for animation and an extensive library of royalty free music and sound effects. 

  • New Video Creation

  • Company Logo
  • Script
  • Images /Graphics
  • Narration (Voice Over)
  • Music (Optional)
  • Spokesperson / Actor*

Our Services

  • Animated Video Production
  • Customizable Promotional Videos
  • Video Ad Production
  • Video Promotion

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