Personalized marketing videos displaying viewer names, photos or other personal information produced by Applied Marketing Group

What would happen if you used personalized videos like this to promote your SEO services?

Could your company use this kind of video to connect with more prospects, generate more leads or increase revenues?

Personalized Videos Give Your Videos The "WOW" Factor!

Personalized video is a relatively new phenomenon in the internet marketing space. It is essentially videos with personalization elements scattered throughout them to make it more appealing to your target audience. Those elements can be the individual viewer's name, a photo of them, the city where they live or a personalized message that resonates with the viewer because it is seen as a personal message.

It may sound like a small thing when you read about but it makes a world of difference once you actually put it to good use.

There are many advantages that come with making personalized video but let's focus on on the top three.

They Are Clutter Busters

“Over 400 Hours Of Videos Uploaded To YouTube Every Minute.” With the floods of video available online, how do you get your audience to watch all the way through?  Video has become ubiquitous and viewers tend to expect them on websites and social media sites. Many of them are generic and generic is the enemy of conversions.

By connecting with viewers through using their name, photo or location in a video your videos have a much better chance of standing out and grabbing attention. Especially now, when they are somewhat novel. They can break through the clutter of videos vying for your prospective viewers' attention.

They Increase Engagement

Personalized video simply makes people watch more, stick around longer and buy more. With personalization elements throughout the video you can constantly remind them that you’re talking to them directly. 

It's more like talking with them over their favorite beverage than shouting at them from the street corner.  Viewers are not only more likely to pay attention in the first place, they are also more inclined to hang around until the end of the video.

They Can Rocket Up Conversions

Personalized video boosts conversions by highlighting the interests of your audience-of-one and  by creating a more dynamic video that speaks to each specific viewer individually. As Vidyard found, one company using personalized video in a campaign for inactive recipients found five times more people opened personalized video emails than a standard, impersonal email. Another company found that twice as many people engaged with personalized video and spent 62% more time on the campaign landing page. And, a third company found a tenfold increase in click-through rate and 231% more page views thanks to personalized video.

Where are personalized videos used?

You will find personalized videos in many of the same places you find regular videos, on websites, in emails, on social media and so on.  Because the process of personalizing the videos must be done on the server where they are hosted you can't upload them directly to video sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo. However, you can use the URL of a personalized video in emails, social media sites just like you would if you were posting a link to a video on Facebook or Twitter.  

Can I have a personalized video created using my videos?

Absolutely.  The example video was created to demonstrate the personalization process and how the elements work.  We can either use your existing video or create one for you. The videos to be personalized must first be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo.  The personalization happens when they are displayed from our server.

What can be changed in the example videos?

All of the elements that you see in the our example videos can be changed.  The most common changes are made to the, logos, texty and images, with the core video being changes much less often.

How doe the personalization work?

The process uses information from the viewer's Facebook profile to insert the personalizations. They can include items such as the person's name, photo or geographic information such as the city or state. With nearly 2 billion Facebook users worldwide, chances are very good the viewers of your videos will be Facebook users.

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