As a Photographer Are You Taking Advantage of the Opportunity to Use Hybrid Photo Slideshow Videos to Promote Your Services on YouTube, other video sharing sites and Social Media Sites?

Think of today’s slideshow videos as the hands down alternative to powerpoint style slideshow videos.  It’s more like a slideshow on steroids.  

Choose from dozens of image animations to keep viewers watching your slideshow video.  We can have images enter the screen in over 7 dozen different ways. Combine that with over 3 dozen ways to exit the screen and it adds up to a huge array of choices.

Add music or narrations or a combination of both. You can tell your story, talk about your services or the photos or juste let the viewers enjoy the video listening to backgound music.

Use custom image backgrounds.  Set the tone, create a theme or pull together the presentation with related images and backgrounds.

Use a custom video background. A quick example.  A photographer has a video of her favorite location in a public park.  It’s a quiet scene with a gentle breeze moving the leaves of plants on the bank of the creek flowing in the background. Using the video along with photos shot at the scene serve to amplify the natural beauty of the setting.

Use custom produced photo slideshow videos to show and tell your company story, showcase a particular service or the location, in a video business card, in video ads, or in your “About Me” or “Behind-the-Scenes” videos.

What  Can Video Do For Your Business?

These days video has not only become accepted on websites, social media and video sharing sites, it’s now expected. Especially by younger consumers who research products and services online and on their mobile devices before making a purchase.  Here are some things to take into account as you consider whether or not to use videos to promote your business, products or services.

  • Videos can motivate people to try a new store, product, service or to make purchases, all at the convenience of the prospect.
  • A video can provide much more information than a static ad can and can shorten the sales process.
  • Video content can be repurposed and used in other media and formats.
  • Videos stay alive. They remain available online as evergreen assets long after they were created.
  • Videos are are an efficient, cost-effective way to market.
  • Video is shared easily and often on social media platforms, often expanding the reach of a well crafted video message with no added effort or cost. In 2012 video became the most shared content on Facebook, trumping pictures and article links. One study found videos drove sharing 375-per-cent more frequently than text-based status updates on business pages.
  • Video is measurable. Analytics are readily accessible and can be used to define sources of  increased sales.
  • Marketing videos can evoke emotion much like television ads, shows and movies.
  • Video is mobile and instantly accessible so it can be viewed wherever prospects are when they search for a product or service.
  • Video is a marketing equalizer. It can level the playing field for small companies because it does not require a tremendous financial investment.
  • Video enables companies to educate, engage and begin building relationships with their prospects before they enter a brick and mortar business.
  • Video can help build and maintain relationships with existing customers and encourage brand engagement.
  • When done correctly, video can help prospects more quickly get to know and trust a vendor.

We produce CUSTOM PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS in these styles: 

We produce PRE-RECORDED VIDEOS that can be personalized for your business in 3 simple steps.

  1. Select the video(s) you want.
  2. Send us your information (Logo, Contact Information etc.)
  3. We do the rest!

We now have customizable videos for over 125 kinds of business.  Go to to this page to learn more. Customizable Videos

Contact us to explore the possibilities. 208-362-6611

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