In the crowded online world where people are feeling crushed by information overload we have become hyper-fast browsers. Often, we don’t browse, we skim, flying past content and only stopping when something grabs us by the eyeballs. Then, we only hang around if it holds our attention. In self defense mode we have all become stingy with our time and attention.

That’s one of the big reasons video works. Video, especially animated video that grabs and holds viewer attention. An animated whiteboard video works hard to captivate viewers while informing them.  Whiteboard videos take advantage of the short attention spans of average viewers.  By keeping the viewer’s attention focused on the constantly changing and emerging images the video’s message has a better chance of busting through the information overload clutter.

When visitors watch a video they are using their visual and auditory senses. Simple, animated whiteboard videos that focus visual and mental attention on a single subject work well to explain and inform. Because the videos are simple and focused, viewers aren’t overloaded or bored by details.

Laid back, even whimsical whiteboard drawings, sketches or characters and a friendly narration or appropriate music can deliver a comfortable, easy-to-watch experience that viewers like and can identify with. When we like and identify with messages we tend to trust them as well.

A well crafted whiteboard video becomes a personalized message aimed at particular people. It talks about their pressing concerns or problems and how you can help them solve those problems. Your prospect will only become a buyer when they are convinced that you can solve one of their problems.

The problem causing situation your prospect is facing is accompanied by deep seated emotions such as fear, concern, worry, trust, panic, desire, frustration and so on. When your video addresses those emotions and then propose a solution that addresses those emotions it builds a trust that encourages prospects to buy.