Win A Marketing Video!

Win A Marketing Video

Enter to Win Either a PERSONALIZED Video From Our Portfolio OR $279 Off The Price of a CUSTOM Video.

This is not just another “enter and hope to win” contest! It’s based on how many points you earn. And, you can earn points by sharing the contest on social media sites, emails and … wherever you want. There is no limit. Here’s how it works.

  • You get points when you register for the contest. Register here: Win A Marketing Video Contest.
  • We automatically create a personal sharing link that is unique to you
  • You can earn more points each time you share your personal link.
  • You can earn a whopping 20 points each time a person you shared your link with registers and shares their link … and someone they shared their link with also registers for the contest. We did that to pile on the rewards for people who encourage others to share the contest.

Here is the link to register again: Win A Marketing Video Contest.

How Our Customizable Video Program Works

Businesses can now have effective marketing videos at highly affordable prices … in only 3 easy steps.

  1. Choose an existing video from our customizable video portfolio
  2. Send us your company information and logo
  3. We will add your information to the video you have chosen.

We have hundreds of customizable videos in the portfolio, with videos for over 120 kinds of companies. By adding the company information to existing videos we save production time keeping our costs down and passing the savings on to our clients. Even better we can offer videos that would cost much more to produce on a one-off basis. Especially videos that involve studio time live shots or actors.

You can explore the customizable videos in the portfolio by following the links on this page:  Customizable Videos

Custom Video Production – The Kinds of Videos We Produce

We produce CUSTOM PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS in these styles:

You will find our pricing information for custom video production here in the “New Video Production” section:

Here is the link to register again: Win A Marketing Video Contest.