7-5Here’s how to make a video that will bring customers in the door or calling for your next appointment.

[1] Keep it short.

Studies show we have an attention span of maybe 30 seconds, and it’s shrinking.

Your video should be no longer than 3 minutes, and that’s only if it is extremely interesting to the viewer. Attention falls off quickly after 90 seconds … unless the video contains extraordinarily interesting or entertaining content.

[2] Which brings up the next point – hold their attention.

Your video should be attention grabbing from the first second all the way to the end when you deliver your call to action.

[3] Have a call to action.

Whatever you want your viewers to do – schedule an appointment, visit your business, go to your website, etc., – you need to tell them exactly what you want them to do in a compelling way.

[4] Have a personal message.

This could be from you or one of your employees – something that reaches out on a human level to the viewer.

[5] Convey that you know what you are talking about.

You can do this by mentioning the results you got for a client, using a customer testimonial, or citing a publication or organization that has given you kudos.

[6] Don’t talk about you, talk about them.

Customers don’t care about you and your business – they want to know how you will benefit them. Period.

[7] Add a little humor.

No need to be Louis CK, but if you can add a little humor or a light touch, it will certainly help your messaging.

[7.5] Distribute your video everywhere you can.

Promote it through an online ad campaign, social media, email, YouTube and your own website.


Skip all of that and let us make your video for you.

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Check out this short video about making a great marketing video:  https://www.appliedmarketinggroup.com/anatomy-of-a-business-commercial/

Some things to consider …

Video has gained prominence as the preferred way to get information for people across nearly all relevant demographics, careers and geographic locations. It is an highly effective tool for reaching and connecting with customers and prospects on device users viewing websites, social media and video sharing sites.  People prefer watching videos to learn about products and services when making purchasing decisions. Videos also rank well in search results and convert better than text alone.

What  Can Video Do For Your Business?

These days video has not only become accepted on websites, social media and video sharing sites, it’s now expected. Especially by younger consumers who research products and services online and on their mobile devices before making a purchase.  Here are some things to take into account as you consider whether or not to use videos to promote your business, products or services.

  • Videos can motivate people to try a new store, product, service or to make purchases, all at the convenience of the prospect.
  • A video can provide much more information than a static ad can and can shorten the sales process.
  • Video content can be repurposed and used in other media and formats.
  • Videos stay alive. They remain available online as evergreen assets long after they were created.
  • Videos are are an efficient, cost-effective way to market.
  • Video is shared easily and often on social media platforms, often expanding the reach of a well crafted video message with no added effort or cost. In 2012 video became the most shared content on Facebook, trumping pictures and article links. One study found videos drove sharing 375-per-cent more frequently than text-based status updates on business pages.
  • Video is measurable. Analytics are readily accessible and can be used to define sources of  increased sales.
  • Marketing videos can evoke emotion much like television ads, shows and movies.
  • Video is mobile and instantly accessible so it can be viewed wherever prospects are when they search for a product or service.
  • Video is a marketing equalizer. It can level the playing field for small companies because it does not require a tremendous financial investment.
  • Video enables companies to educate, engage and begin building relationships with their prospects before they enter a brick and mortar business.
  • Video can help build and maintain relationships with existing customers and encourage brand engagement.
  • When done correctly, video can help prospects more quickly get to know and trust a vendor.

We produce CUSTOM PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS in these styles: 

We produce PRE-RECORDED VIDEOS that can be personalized for your business in 3 simple steps.

  1. Select the video(s) you want.
  2. Send us your information (Logo, Contact Information etc.)
  3. We do the rest!

We now have customizable videos for over 125 kinds of business.  Go to to this page to learn more. Customizable Videos

Food For Thought. A Few Ways Businesses Are Using Video Today

  • Article Content Repurposed as Videos
  • Business Profile Videos
  • Business Promotion Videos
  • Business Presentation Videos
  • Business Orientation Videos
  • Educational Videos
  • Email Videos
  • eTraining Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Holiday Celebration Videos
  • Infographic Style Explainer Videos
  • Lead Generation Videos
  • Press Release Videos
  • Product Explainer Videos
  • Product Launch Videos
  • Product Promotion Videos
  • Product Use/How to Videos
  • Photo Slideshow Videos
  • Point of Sale Videos
  • Product Videos – Videos as Digital Products
  • Screen Capture Videos
  • Social Media Clips
  • Television Commercial Video
  • Thank You Card Videos
  • Video Sales Letters
  • Waiting Room Videos
  • Webinar Recording Videos

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