In order to best serve clients who want to use videos on their websites, video sharing sites, social media and in television commercials we have created a series of videos that can be customized for each business at very affordable prices.  Here is the latest addition to the video lineup.

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Auto Body Repair Promotional Video AB01M1S0

Auto Body Repair Shop Promotional Video AB01M1S0 

Video length before customization.   1:00

Customization included in the BASIC level price:

  • Add a logo animation at the end of the video

Auto Body Repair Shop promotional videos for use in websites, TV commercials, online video sharing sites and social media sites can be found on the Auto Body Repair Shop videos page located here:

Contact us for more information about customizing this video for your business by calling 208-362-6611 during normal business hours Mountain time or via the Contact Us page at

You can find a page listing the kinds of  of businesses for which our customizable videos are currently available here:

Some Ways You Can Use Videos in Your Business

  • Article Content Used as Videos
  • Business Profile Videos
  • Business Promotion Videos
  • Business Presentation Videos
  • Business Orientation Videos
  • Educational Videos
  • Email Videos
  • eTraining Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Holiday Celebration Videos
  • Infographic Style Explainer Videos
  • Lead Generation Videos
  • Press Release Videos
  • Product Explainer Videos
  • Product Launch Videos
  • Product Promotion Videos
  • Product Use/How to Videos
  • Photo Slideshow Videos
  • Point of Sale Videos
  • Product Videos – Videos as Digital Products
  • Screen Capture Videos
  • Social Media Clips
  • Television Commercial Video
  • Thank You Card Videos
  • Video Sales Letters
  • Waiting Room Videos
  • Webinar Recording Videos