Many of the customers for the Cane Butler cane holders have purchased the cane holders as gifts for friends and family members who use canes.  The manufacturer wanted to help convey the message that Cane Butlers do indeed make great gifts.  So, we created a short explainer video to help get the message out.  You can see the video on YouTube at or on the Cane Butler website at

It can be extremely frustrating for cane users whenever their cane falls to the floor, especially when they are public places. or the cane falls just out of reach.

And then they face the challenge of finding really good places to park their canes. That can be a challenge around the house, the office or in public places alike.

The Cane Butler cane holders can put an end to those frustrations by making it easy for cane users to park their canes in convenient and safe places.

You can see this video, other client videos and examples of the types of videos we produce in the Video Showcase.