These Professional Spokesperson Videos Allow You To Quickly Affordably Use Videos On Your Website, Social Media Sites, Video Sharing Sites and Web 2.0 Sites.

We customize the videos shown below by adding business contact information such as your company logo, website or phone number to the end of the videos.

Ordering instructions are below the videos.

Bankruptcy – ATBA06M0S56

Digital Media – ATDM01M0S56

Employment Law & Disability – ATED02M0S56

Family Practice – ATFP03M0S56

General Practice – ATGE02M1S42

Intellectual Property – ATIPM0S56

Malpractice – ATMP01M0S56

Personal Injury – ATPI05M0S56

Real Estate – ATTRE01M0S56

Tax – ATTA03M0S56

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  • Submit the message before paying for the video(s) you have selected.

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We will contact you to arrange for getting your logo or the needed contact information that will appear at the end of the video.

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