Image Slideshow Videos

This image slideshow video displays images moving into and out of view in several ways and the use of both an image and a video as backgrounds.  It also demonstrates the use of music and narration in photo or image slideshow videos.

Image Slideshow Videos

  • Can be very basic with few effects or can employ several elements such as transitions, motion, color and sound. 
  • The time an image is displayed can be set to match narrations, emphasize key points or add impact 
  • Images can be photos, drawings, or any image saved in typical image formats (jpg, gif. png etc.)
  • Can present the images in many ways during the video to keep viewer attention
  • Image backgrounds can be used to convey concepts, display logos and so on.
  • Video can be used as backgrounds to enrich the visual experience and convey more complex concepts
  • The speed at which videos or video segments play can be adjusted for emphasis or overall effect.

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