Original Video Production (Concept to Completion)

We work with clients to produce promotional videos using resources provided by clients and our extensive library of video assets.  The styles of videos we create range from text only videos to videos composed of royalty free photos and HD video clips and several styles in between.

Animated Explainer Videos

Animated text and graphics videos display your marketing message through an series of animated  statements, words or short sentences.

Some videos only use text while others also include graphics to represent items or ideas, characters or mascots.

Background music is usually the only audio aside from sound effects. However, voice overs can be used as well.

Image Only Videos (Slideshow)

Image-only style videos display marketing message through a series of photos that display in slideshow fashion.

The images can be photos, illustrations, ads or other images in standard JPG or PNG format..

Background music is usually the only audio aside from sound effects. However, voice overs can be used as well.

Videos Using a Spokesperson

Spokesperson videos deliver your message with a professional actor reading a script. The spokesperson video is typically shot using a green screen background that is replaced by one or more images or a background video.

Finished videos appear to be shot with the spokesperson in front of whatever appears in the background.

The audio can include only the spokesperson’s voice or music or sound effects can be added.

Whiteboard Videos

Your message is conveyed by a hand drawing images, writing copy or placing images on a whiteboard background.

This is currently one of our most popular styles of video.  We draw upon a large library of video-ready drawings and can create videos about virtually any topic you choose.

Audio can be either music, voiceover or a combination of them.


Videos Combining Styles

Your message is conveyed using a combination that can include text, drawings, images, video clips or spokespeople.

We draw from our large library of resources including thousands of line art images and illustrations , over 12,000 photos and  thousands of video clips and background videos.

Audio can be either music, voice over or a combination of them.


Our Services

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