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Getting More Visitors And Views

In addition to using videos on your website there are a number of things that can be done to increase the traffic to your videos. Video promotion is not our primary business but we have found that at times clients don’t have the time or expertise required to promote their videos. Here is a short list of some of the services we provide to clients.

YouTube Optimization

YouTube is the hands down leader in video sharing sites. It is also second largest search engine in the world.  With video becoming more and more important optimizing your YouTube Channel is an important component that can help you connect with new potential customers, build a better search presence and build your brand. The following are steps that we can take to optimize your YouTube channel and videos.

Optimize Channel Structure: Create YouTube channels with the appropriate channel art, options and playlists.

Optimize Video Metadata: Create search engine friendly video file names, YouTube titles, descriptions, tags and links to client properties.

Create Thumbnails: Thumbnails are the small image that displays when viewers see your channel. They should be creative, eye catching and instantly convey what the video is about.

Deploy Annotations where appropriate: YouTube annotations are a way of adding interactive commentary to your videos.

Create A Trailer: Introduce your channel to new viewers especially after your channel has a number of videos.  You might notice that one video is highlighted at the top of YouTube channels. That video is the trailer. It is a video meant to introduce a new audience to your channel.

 Additional Promotional Initiatives

The following services help clients get more exposure to their videos.

Promotion on Applied Marketing Group website.  We post articles about your videos and your company on this website, showcasing the videos we have created for you. The articles include links to your website and/or Youtube channel.

Promotion on Applied Marketing Group Social Media.  We post to our social media accounts, primarily Facebook and Twitter with links to your website and/or YouTube channel.

Promotion on Applied Marketing Group Web 2.0 Accounts.  The articles we post on our primary website are also posted on select web 2.0 accounts.

Things We Recommend That You Do

Upload your videos to Facebook.  is rapidly becoming the next big thing for video marketing.

Post about your video on social media. Use your social media accounts to share your video with links to it.

Spread the word. Post an article about your video on your website, in ezines, newsletters and other media that you use.

Upload your video to additional video sharing sites.

Things we Recommend That You NOT Do

Paying for activity. Do not use services that involve paying for video views, likes, shares or any other activities on YouTube or any other video sharing site. YouTube can and does terminate accounts for what they consider violations of their policies.




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