Volume 5 showing Animated 3D Logo Reveal video clips for intros, outros, and other uses of animated videos and images

Modifications That Can be Made to the Logo Reveals Shown Here.

Logo Image – Some of the logo reveal effects allow us to increase or decrease the size of the logo image after it is revealed.

 Audio – sound effects can be added to all of the clips. The demo clips do not have audio.

Speed – The speed can be increased or decreased as needed.

Length – The length of all of the reveals can be modified by extending the time at the end of the clip, after the display action has come to a stop.  We can shorten videos by removing content at the beginning of the clip.

Colors – The colors of the elements in the reveal can be modified on all of the reveals shown here. IMAGES: Where additional images are indicated images are required for those places.

Text – Some reveals require text where it is indicated in the demo reveal (Text 1, Text 2 etc.)

About the demo reveals …

We used a generic logo for ABC Company to illustrate the logo reveals.

Additional images are required for some reveal effects. Images with text indicate where additional images will be used. In several instances we have used either photos of people or coffee related photos to better illustrate those reveals.


3 Big Reasons To Use Animated Logos

  1. Clutter Busting Attention Grabber. Through the use of the colors and the sounds in the animation an animated logo can stand out, connect with your brand story emotionally and convey your brand’s unique vibe.
  2. Raising Brand Awareness. An animated logo creates a more memorable image in your customers minds than a static image. A well animated logo brings your brand to life through motion, sound, and color.
  3. Amplifying Brand Consistency. Adding an animated version of your logo as an intro or outro to your videos adds consistency and reinforces your brand image over and over again. Employing different styles of animation effects across varying target audience exposures can consistently present your brand image in tailored visual frames.

A Dozen Ways You Can Use Your Animated Logo

  1. Video Outro – The most frequently used application of animated logos, typically following or part of the call to action.
  2. Video Intro –  A short animated logo at the beginning of videos can grab attention, and help build brand awareness.
  3. In-Video Insert – Using the logo reveal as part of the message by inserting the logo reveal within the body of the video.
  4. In-Video Thumbnail – Drop a small, subtle, animated logo in a corner of your video. Don’t play it for the entire length of the video. Animate it in, let the static logo display for a short time then animate it out.
  5. Non-Looping GIF on your website header.  Let the gif play one time to add motion to your site, much like a miniture slider would do.
  6. In Video Ads – YouTube and Facebook haved become fierce competitors dominating the video ad space as video ads become ever more ubiquitous.
  7. Facebook – Upload the logo video clip when you make posts, use it in video ads on Facebook and incorporate it in video posts made to the site.
  8. Twitter – Because Twitter auto plays animated GIFs and videos you can use either format. Looping GIFs could get more attention because they play continuously.  You can also upload videos to Twitter that are up to 140 seconds long.
  9. Instagram – People look for visually interesting things on Instagram, making it a great place to show off your logo.
  10. Pinterest – Upload your animated logo video clip to YouTube or Vimeo and go to the Share option and click the Pin It button to share it to one of your Pinterest boards.
  11. Tumblr – A fantastic place for looping GIFs. Add a caption if you desire, by typing it into the “Caption” section. You can also add tags by typing words into the “tags” section, then following each one with a comma. Click the “Create post” button to upload your animated GIF to Tumblr.
  12. In Traditional Presentation Programs – Using animated GIFs in Powerpoint or MP4 videos in Keynote can add sound, color and motion to presentations.

Click the image below to see more animated logo reveals.