You tubeStill wondering if creating videos for YouTube is worth the effort for your brand or your business?  What about creating a YouTube channel?

Well, Pixability has released a new report, “Top 100 Global Brands: Key Lessons for Success on YouTube” with some impressive stats underscoring the importance of having and using a YouTube account.

Before reading any further you should know according to Pixability’s About Us page, the company is a “…YouTube-certified marketing and advertising company that works with brands, e-commerce firms, agencies, and innovative organizations to drive business and awareness with online video and YouTube. Using its powerful, proprietary, cloud-based video marketing software and online.”

Many business owners and managers are unaware there is such a thing as a YouTube Certification Program. As a Google property, my bet is getting certified is not a walk in the park, one click trick.

About the source of the data…Pixability used Interbrand’s Best Global 100 Brands in their study. Some key findings:

  •  56 of the Top 100 have 10 or more YouTube channels.
  •  Since 2009, video publishing rates on YouTube by the Top 100 Global Brands have increased an average of 73% annually.Pixability predicts they will likely create over one million new YouTube videos by 2015.
  •  In the past eight years, these brands’ have attracted 9.5 billion video views collectively.
  •  Over 30% of the aggregated video views for these top brands occur 12 weeks after publication. The upshot…those YouTube videos may have a longer lasting marketing impact than social media.
  •  Only 1 out of the Top 100 Global Brands does not have a YouTube channel

The majority of the top players may have climbed on the YouTube bandwagon, but you can bet not all of them have teased out the secret to YouTube success.

From Pixability, “Many of the Top 100 Global Brands fail to reach their audiences because they focus more on video production and less on video marketing. Over 50% of the videos produced by the Top 100 Global Brands have less than 1,000 views.”

Given this insight by Pixability integrating YouTube with your marketing plan looks like it would be best done now rather than later.

Here are a few morsels about YouTube that make it even more interesting for smart marketers on the hunt for profitable customers.

  •  YouTube is now firmly positioned as the number 2 search engine, right behind its owner Google.
  •  With over a 4 billion unique views per month, videos receive billions of videos every day making YouTube among the most popular sites online.
  •  YouTube Mobile now garners at least 400 million views a day. As more people use smartphones and mobile tablets the numbers can’t help but grow.
  •  Over 100 million YouTube viewers interact socially each week by leaving comments, liking vides or sharing them on social profiles.
  •  YouTube helps your business share digital campaigns, ads and marketing videos online absolutely free of charge.
  •  You can get immediate feedback on your products and services by prompting people watching your video to take specific actions
  •  You can target specific demographics, geography and other factors to narrow your target audience with Google Adwords for video to give your video views a boost.
  •  Fine tuning the SEO aspects of a YouTube video is a snap, because you have control over titles, descriptions and keywords.
  •  YouTube makes it easy to embed videos on websites. An embedded video can potentially damatically increase the number of views.
  • YouTube has been the #1 mobile video website for several years. Mobile users can easily watch and interact with with YouTube videos.

Considering the above, the growing enormity of  the YouTube audience and the effect of YouTube on search engine rankings business owners can now leverage video to effectivele reach customers and prospects alike, bolster brands, and add value to consumer communities.

One more thing to consider, webinars are no longer just another marketing shiny object. They are ubiquitous parts of the marketing arsenal.  What with Google Hangouts streaming live to YouTube you can do a webinar on a Hangout and broadcast it to the world at the same time…for free.